Are these REAL Kokonuggz?

Yes they are, they are imported straight from Cali to London.

Will this get me HIGH or help me go to sleep?

All products in this store are NON-MEDICATED. And contain NO THC or CBD. You may get a sugar high if you eat too much, but these are classified more as a novelty chocolate item due to the look of each piece of chocolate looking like your favourite strain.

Can I sell KokoNuggz in my store?

We offer wholesale pricing, with no minimum order quantity and ships from London, UK. Just head over to our Wholesale page for more information on how to sign up, you must have a business bank account.

Why are the Jars different?

We use Jars that are local and easier to source via our local suppliers here in Europe. Due to the cost on importing the only way to sell KokoNuggz at the same US price was for us to opt for the EU styled Jars. They are thick and strong glass and will keep your chocolate fresh and tasty and once finished, can be used for whatever you like.

Why does your KokoNuggz look less filled than in America?

We fill each jar with the recommended amount as per the label which is 2.25oz for Small and 4.5oz for large. So if you were to weigh the chocolate up you will see that we actually overfill the label weight, plus we opt for large sized chocolate pieces and very rarely will you see crumbs in your pot.


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